The Lion King Hero

My hero is my great grandpa. He had some great qualities and characteristics that are similar to those of the characters in the “Lion King”. First off he was very brave because he was in WWII. Just like Mufasa and Simba were brave when they stood up to and got rid of the hyenas. He […]

My 20% Project

Hi everyone! I am going to tell you about my 20% project. First you probably need to know what a 20% project is.  It is when you spend 20% of your time on a project of your choice that you think will make an impact on the world. I know it’s pretty cool. For my project […]

Story Time!

Activity 3 Christian Kortum via Compfight Once upon a time, Riley and Kayla went on a canoeing trip.  They met at Kayla’s house before it was time to leave for the trip.  They had been talking about this trip for months.  They were hoping that it would be super fun and exciting.  They got in […]

Soccer is in the Air

 Activity 1 When you insert music, images or videos that are not yours into your blog, you need to give credit to the creator.  How you do this is: 1) You include the URL code attached to the picture; 2) You include the picture’s/song’s title that the creator gave it; 3)When you are using an image or […]